Since 1985, Common Sense™ Products has helped people take back their health. We are an information center and we invite you to learn how the body can and will heal itself.

We want you to know that whatever you eat today will either nourish you or become a challenge to your health later. We want you to learn about diet, drinking water, and the benefits of self-empowerment about your health. In other words, we want you to live a healthy life and help you commit to that choice. We don’t just want to add years to your life, we want to add life to your years!

Common Sense Principles

Common SenseTM Principles

Body, Heal Thyself

At Common Sense™ Products (CSP), we still believe that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We teach the use of organic (live) herbs and foods to regain our health. Our bodies are so resilient that even after severe violation, given the right herbs, vitamins and minerals, they can fully restore themselves. A little known fact is that our body produces new blood every 90 days, new organs every 11 months, and new bones every 2 years. With the proper nourishment, your organs can properly replenish themselves to support your body as they should!

Keep it Simple

At Common Sense™ Products, we believe that strength and power are found in simplicity. For centuries, simplicity has confounded and defied all known institutions as it is the most powerful and untapped element in the universe. CSP invites you to take this role on as an individual. Step into God’s pharmacy and allow nature to cleanse and restore your body to its natural state. Your desire to take action and be well has lead you to Common Sense™ Products. Each of our herbal combinations are designed for the body. No tool is more essential than having herbal knowledge. Exercise your Common Sense and by all means, use it in every walk of your life.

Food: The Body’s Fuel

Our food dictates our sensations and emotions, and therefore it often impacts our thoughts and actions; it is the fuel we move by. It then stands to reason, we must change our diet (way of life) if we are hopeful of any degree of good health. If we continue to indulge in contaminated food, we are sure to get contaminated results (cause and effect). Here at CSP, we are convinced that there are no answers, just ways and we are always in search of them.

The Body’s Intelligence

Some of the greatest of all our health problems is due to the excessive use of drugs. While many people are now living longer, they are also living much sicker and barely able to afford their next dose of momentary relief. This is because our bodies operate and solve problems holistically, but we still only know how to design drugs that address one specific symptom at a time. A cell is more complex than anything humans have invented, so our attempts at healing are similar to a car mechanic making their best guesses to fix a military stealth jet engine. The best remedies for our biology still come from the earth’s biology: God’s gentle herbs.

“And the leaves are for the healing of the Nations.” EZ:47:12

A Message From Our Founders

“At Common Sense™ Products (CSP), we believe that optimal health is best reached by going back to our heritage: the herbs.

Cleansing is the only way to have a healthy body–there are no shortcuts. More than anything, Common Sense™ Products are designed to cleanse the body, in particular, the colon. If we do not clean the colon we will pay the solemn price of bad health. We often blame genetics or bad luck for illnesses that have befallen us, when in fact, we are the ones who brought bad health upon ourselves by years of bad habits and unhealthy eating. When processed food makes us sick, we’ve been taught to take drugs that will temporarily bury the symptoms and further complicate the problem.

If you have a desire to be well, then it is up to you, as an adult, to take action. If you are ready to take full responsibility for your health, then you are ready for Common Sense™ Products.

At CSP, we like to inform you about the uses of herbs, because no tool is more essential than having herbal knowledge.”

Our Mission

“Your health is your responsibility, not the doctor’s, not your parents’, nor your children’s.”
~Tim Morrow

Our Mission

To provide superior pure 100% natural products and to promote a healthy lifestyle, self-preservation, and a healthy diet through educational materials that communicate with honesty and integrity.

Our Purpose

To inform, educate & guide our customers about the use of herbs and how they nourish your body and mind as a whole. Good health brings enhancement to you, your family, friends and neighbors. When it comes to alternative preventions don’t just take anyone’s word for it, not even ours. Begin your own research. CSP will inform and guide you until you have all the knowledge and answers you need to make an educated choice.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to our customers, their family, friends and neighbors is to continue research and formulate new products that will nourish the body and mind as a whole. All our products are made to help eliminate pain and suffering, as well as enhance our health and well being. CSP will continue to go back to the original pharmacy, Nature, to create Common Sense™ Products.

“Herbs are as old as man and they benefit everyone from the fetus to our final years. All animals in the kingdom know this. When an animal is sick it goes to the original pharmacy: Nature”

~Tim Morrow



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