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Common Sense™ “FF-II” is second to none. It is known for its ability to stop the cramps of the menstrual cycle and to eliminate the water that often accompanies the menses. It is excellent for soothing childbirth contractions and helps to open the birth canal. It is a favorite among midwives because it makes their job easier. The Native Americans used these herbs in all childbirths, but it’s ability to help with the menses is what it is best known for and should be taken every month. This is especially essential for the female who has had a hysterectomy. This combination includes the following ingredients:

is excellent for a sparse or painful menstruation. It will correct an irregular menstruation. It also helps heal sore eyes, dissolve tumors and boils. May also stop bed-wetting in children. Squaw Vine is an overall tonic for female and male problems.

is an excellent female hormone. It’s used during pregnancy to help calm nausea. It is great for urinary tract infections and is very relaxing and soothing to the nerves. It is also used for colic, spasms, and liver congestion.

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