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Founders Tim and Evitta Morrow have been partners together both personally and professionally for almost 30 years. After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, struggling for 5 years and unable to achieve positive results, Tim at age 48 sought alternatives to his health. Finally finding resolution through herbs Tim became a consumer, then distributor of herbs. In 1985, after 5 years studying and educating himself about health, nature and iridology, he opened Common Sense™ Products.

In 1992 through a customer and longtime friend of Evitta’s, Tim and Evitta were introduced. Evitta going through a health crisis of her own, desperate in need of a resolution found her way to herbs as a possible answer. After some time, Tim and Evitta began dating and later started working together. They went on to marry, then at the age of 60, Tim with Evitta, had a child. With Tim focused on the health message and Evitta focused on the business they traveled spreading their mission of health and wellness all over the U.S. where groups of all sizes would request them.

Over the years Tim and Evitta saw the need for additional products and collaborated on new combinations. With their team, they devoted an extensive amount of time and did painstaking research to find the best-uncompromised ingredients creating the purest product available. Developing and releasing periodically, Common Sense™ Products now boasts 26 items in their product line consisting of combinations, individual herbs, liquids, and a vegan protein powder to date.

Tim and Evitta have spent decades dedicated to the health, nutrition, and wellness that helped them and countless others. Focused on nature and it’s healing properties, they built a company on word of mouth, kindness, compassion, honesty, friendliness and willingness to help people as their main priority. Foregoing a traditional business model, they chose to focus their energy on teaching and being in service of others, donating to those in need, holding classes and lectures for free or minimal fees only to help empower others to use their own common sense, listen to their bodies, take responsibility for their own health, and use all that nature has provided us for millions of years.

Running Common Sense™ Products not only with a family feel, Tim and Evitta treat each person that comes through their doors like family or long-lost friends. Committed to their customers they are always working to seek out ways to help them on their journey to better health.

In 2019, at 85 years young with the business he started almost 40 years ago, Tim is ready to spend more time with his family and doing the things he loves. A man always on a quest for knowledge and one to never stay still, he continues to work out daily playing tennis, running steps, lifting weights, roller and ice skating among many others. This is no surprise from a man that learned to fly at 40, taught himself to roller skate at 47 and ice skate at 57. Spending the first half of his life with unhealthy habits and now the second half healing from all of them, Tim believes the same transformation is possible for everyone. His motto has always been if he can do it, anyone can!

Looking to the future Tim and Evitta are continuing to work hard on updating their business model to included easier and more accessible ways for people to learn about health, herbs and how to turn their passion into a business just as they did. These days, many exciting changes are happening within the company and they cannot wait to pass them on to all of you. They have been dedicated to providing you with an amazing new Common Sense™ experience, ensuring it is something you will appreciate and love for years to come!

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