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Why Colon Health Is Critical

It may surprise you to find out that the appearance of your stool is a good “health” indicator. Once you begin detoxing and eliminating compacted waste, you are well on your way to restoring your colon to a healthy status as well as improving your overall health. You should get in the habit of observing your stool as one of several ways to monitor your colon health.

How soon do you go to the bathroom after you eat?

You must have a bowel movement within a half-hour after you eat, every time you eat. This will explain why a healthy infant baby will be eating and eliminating at the same time. He is not eliminating what he is currently eating; he is eliminating what he ate an hour ago. As adults, our eliminative system should work the same way as a healthy infant’s eliminative system. Unfortunately, that is not the case, because most adults have a poor diet that causes extreme constipation.

What size is your waste?

The colon is 2-1/2 inches round, so the bowels should be at least 2 inches round. Anything less than 2 inches is a sign of constipation.

Does your waste float?

Your waste should not sink to the bottom of the bowl; it should float on top of the water. This means that what you ate was “live food” and it had oxygen in it. When you eat the following foods: white rice, white sugar, pastas, pizzas, spaghetti, macaroni & cheese, and meats, your stools are going to sink right to the bottom of the bowl because they have no oxygen in them. The worst part of all is, only one-third of the waste came out; the other two-thirds are stuck to the colon wall.

Do you hear the neighbors shutting all the windows and doors whenever you go to the bathroom?

Your stool should never have a horrid smell. If there is a horrid smell it means the waste has been there way too long. Nothing should remain in the body longer than 24 hours. Truth of the matter is what we eat should be eliminated in six hours, for it is no longer considered food; it is waste and waste belongs out of the body.

Are there “prints” on your stool?

When you look at a picture of the colon there is a print on it, which is also on the inside of the colon. This means the waste should also have the imprint found on the inside of the colon. If your stools come out smooth, it is an indication that you are constipated, (even if you are having five bowel movements a day) because all you did was tunnel eliminates right through the center. The colon then begins to enlarge because of the waste that sticks to it. Now the colon is taking up too much space, moving the other organs out of their place, causing them to work under stress, and creating so-called diseases. Unless you are already on a complete raw-living food diet or on a natural cleansing program, the reality of it is, you are constipated. It is likely that you are currently holding on to parasites and years of decayed waste. Our Common Sense™ Product “SuperLax Colon Cleanser” is a great place to begin.

Why Colon Health Is Critical

“Did you know that illness begins in a clogged colon which causes premature aging and death? It is estimated that the average person, 30 years or older, has as much as 25 pounds of hardened fecal matter lodged in their colon, from meals that were consumed over many years.

When you start to cleanse your colon, you will see many drastic improvements in your health for the better. Conditions such as acid reflux, low energy, headaches/migraines, acne, graying hair, rashes, bad breath, and arthritis (just to name a few), start to diminish as the body’s immune system begins to kick into overdrive.”

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Why Colon Health Is Critical

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Why Colon Health Is Critical

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