Women’s Health

Woman Have One Extra Channel of Elimination, The Uterus

Every woman has 7 channels of elimination. The colon, liver, lymphatic system, kidneys, lungs, skin, and the vaginal tract. These are the body’s major organs. These vital organs work in divine union to filter out the entire human body of material that is of no use. With improper elimination these organs can become impacted with waste all at once, including the uterus. The fact of the matter is that the eliminative capacity of the uterus is stunted, not only by accumulative waste stuck in the uterus and fallopian tubes, but also by excess waste locked and trapped in a prolapsed transverse colon. As a result, the colon collapses on top of the sigmoid flexure (the belly) and pushes the belly on top of the reproductive organs, uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. This contains part of the menstruation inside the body causing cellulite and a host of other more serious health problems.

Cascara Sagrada is widely known for its non – habit forming laxative effects. This gentle herb works on cleansing the intestines. Additionally, it stimulates mucous secretion to be moved out. Because of the colon often collapsing over the productive organs, this herb has been included into Common Sense™ Products “P.M.S” formula to detox and cleanse this organ often parallel to the uterus.

“We get hormones from the plants just like animals receive nutrition from plants. Hormones become offset through years of violating our body with processed foods and not eating our raw fruit and vegetables, as our creator intended. This is the reason for Common Sense™ Products.”

-Tim Morrow
Founder & Master Herbalist

Unfinished Menstruation Equals Cellulite

Cellulite is nothing more than waste from unfinished menstrual cycles. Part of the menstruation that stays in the body each month gets trapped there by waste (mucous) in the uterus and fallopian tubes. This unfinished menstruation falls below the uterus into the hips and buttocks area creating what is commonly known as “cellulite”. The bloodstream then stores cellulite all over the body. Women generally carry more waste in their bodies than men because of the stunted capacity of the uterus to rid the body of enormous amounts of waste, once a month. Always remember, cellulite is unfinished menstrual cycle. Isn’t it peculiar that men do not have cellulite? It’s because they do not have a menstrual cycle.

The False Change of Life (Menopause) Makes “The Withered Woman”

Hot flashes, cold sweats, mood swings, unexplained pain and feelings of irritability and night sweats are some of the symptoms experienced during menopause. These are all results from toxins being trapped inside the uterus. All of which are attempts of waste escaping through the skin. Menopause is the transition a woman undergoes as a part of her life cycle. This is when menstruation ceases and reproduction ends. While the body is making this transition from fertility to sterility, nutritional, emotional, and mental imbalances can occur. This imbalance is accelerated or amplified with an unhealthy lifestyle. They can build up to the dreaded menopausal stage known today in American.

A little known fact is that, menstruation should start at 18 years of age and should not cease until a woman is between the ages 50 thru 55. The ovarian life cycle should be just under fifty years, however, it has been shortened to less than forty years due to processed foods, toxins found in female hygiene products and over saturated lifestyles, creating a difficult transition into late womanhood. When the menstrual cycle comes to an end (even if the woman has a hysterectomy), it continues to circulate inside of the body, drying up all of the three hundred and fifty female hormones. That is when women begin to feel worn and withered.

Wild Yam has long been used in Mexico for rheumatic problems and as natural relief for labor and menstrual pains. Early herbalist put this herb in practice for nausea in pregnant women and as a preventive for miscarriages. As a nervine its replenishing properties are fitting for the nourishment of women in later stages of life. Squaw Vine is also traditionally used for strengthening the uterus and is referred to as a uterine tonic because it restores uterine functions. Squaw Vine contains antiseptic properties which makes it ideal for any kind of vaginal infection. Common Sense™ Products “FFII” has combination these two renowned herbs to bring the perfect support and replenishment to women of any age. Honor your womanhood by incorporating “FFII” into your daily self-care routine.

Clots in Menstruation are Bloody Balls of Mucous

A clotty menstrual cycle, which is indicative of fibroid tumors, is nothing more than clots of mucous covered by blood. When a woman’s monthly cleansing pays a visit once a month, it is a time for all waste held in the uterus to come out. This includes mucous clusters, when expelled are seen as red blood clots. These clots are like a flu once a month in the uterus. This is also a discharge (mucous) of all the toxic processed foods consumed throughout the years. These toxins are more likely to be expelled during a woman’s menstrual cycle especially if  the colon is backed up.

Ginger has been long used in folk medicine for its properties to encourage production of the digestive fluids and saliva. It is helpful for expelling mucous and neutralizing acids and toxins stored in the body. For these ancient healing properties and more, you can find Ginger incorporated in Common Sense™ Products “P.M.S”.

Yeast Infections “Cold In the Uterus”

Yeast, fungus and bacteria are present at all times in a healthy persons body. At an over saturated point the acidity and sugar content of the vagina become altered due to the eating of excessive processed foods. Synthetic drugs, antibiotics and oral contraceptives also add to this acidic state.

Yeast infection experienced as itching, cheesy discharge, burning sensation or excesses discharge is all the same mucous mentioned. It can be considered a “cold” in the uterus. The body’s organs maintain vast communication with each other. Within this interaction the blood stream will ask the uterus to store some of the excess waste in the open area. The Uterus is more than willing to assist in ridding the body of the mucous as it was not designed to hold on to waste. The uterus, being the woman’s extra channel of elimination, unfortunately, has so much mucous in this open area.

Blue Cohosh is a female herb primarily known for its use in balancing a woman’s menstrual cycle and relieving acid build up in the uterus. Blue Cohosh can act as an antifungal and antimicrobial, making it useful for treating chronic yeast infections. Common Sense™ Products “P.M.S” has incorporated this native herb for today’s women.

Premenstrual Syndrome

P.M.S. is caused exclusively by what the woman puts into her body. The severity of P.M.S symptoms depend on the lifestyle and dietary consumption of the woman. With a diet high in processed foods it creates extra waste for the blood stream to carry. This waste races over to the nervous system when ovulation begins, igniting a fire, shocking the entire body into a nervous fit. Excess waste has always been intended to exit the body through the colon, but in most cases it does not due to constipation.

The body continues to be our humble servant despite our channels of elimination being blocked. (colon, kidney, lungs, liver, lymphatic system, and skin). Women are fortunate to have an additional channel through the reproductive system. When the colon is unavailable as the body’s garbage disposal, the system uses the uterus as a way of storage. Remember, the uterus can enlarge drastically to carry a fetus, therefore it is able to carry a lot.

Red Raspberry is perhaps the most popular herb for the female reproductive system. This herb is the perfect companion for a woman needing to flush out excess blood, balance hormones, and soothe the monthly cleanse cycle. Common Sense™ Products “P.M.S” has the perfect daily amount needed for every woman to maintain harmony within.