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“Growing Old Does Not Make Us Sick, It’s Growing Sick That Makes Us Old”™

-Tim Morrow
Founder & Master Herbalist
-Evitta Morrow
Co-Founder & CEO

Our Story

Our founder, Tim Morrow, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in his 40’s. After five painful years of unsuccessful treatment, he released his doctors and went to a library. He was trying to find a way to save his own life by learning everything he could about the prostate.

He learned about how herbs help our organs function properly, and how healthy organs lead to lasting health and dramatic recovery. After taking herbs and changing his diet, his cancer disappeared. He is presently enjoying a full life into his mid 80’s!

Since 1985, Common Sense™ Products has helped people take back their health. We are an information center and we invite you to learn how the body can and will heal itself, if allowed.

We want you to know that whatever you eat today will either nourish you or become a challenge to your health later. We want you to learn about diet, drinking water, and the benefits of self-empowerment with regard to your health. In other words, we want you to live a healthy life and help you commit to that choice. We don’t just want to add years to your life, we want to add life to your years!

Common Sense Principles

Our Herbal Supplements Are:

  • All-Natural

  • Non-GMO

  • Corn-Free

  • Dairy-Free

  • Sugar-Free

  • Gluten-Free

  • Cruelty-Free

  • Kid Friendly

  • 100% Plant Material

  • No Common Side Effects

  • No Artificial Ingredients

  • FDA Monitored

Why Use Herbs?

Herbs Get Results

Plants have been used for medicinal purposes long before recorded in history and most modern medicines are actually organic compounds that can be found in nature. In fact, people first learned which herbs provided healing by watching which plants animals eat when they are sick. If you don’t think herbs work, then you’ll have to disagree with all of recorded history and every animal!

Herbs Are Safe

Think of raw herbs as a type of food that nourishes your organs to promote healing and overall health. They are as child-friendly as any spice in your pantry and you don’t need to take herbs with food because they already are food. There are no common side effects or standard dosages. You can take as much or as little as you need to match your body’s unique chemistry and feel your best.

Herbs Are Natural

Our herbal supplements are 100% plant material, and we keep it as natural as possible from the ground to the bottle. In fact, each bottle has a unique floral aroma that changes with the seasons during which the herbs were harvested.

Don’t believe us? Just drop one of our tablets in hot water and see it start dissolving instantly making an herbal tea right before your eyes! Can you do that with any other pills you take?

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Google Reviews

Great place to buy herbs and the people there are very helpful in educating you on the best herbs to handle various ailments. A life saver and life extender in good health!
Jay Torres
23:06 09 Nov 18
Tim Morrow has educated me about the strength of herbs and how to use them. He educated me the importance of what I put in my body. I've attended his lectures and participated in his conference calls. I asked questions and had many one on one discussions with him about herbs. He didn't run or hide from me. He gave me as much time as I needed. He was always available to speak to me - he is definitely Not a Doctor! And never pretended to be one! I am healthier than ALL my friends because of Tim Morrow. I stand behind his product and his knowledge. I ask God to forgive all the hatters in the world, for they are acting out on false information!read more
Lyndon Meighan
22:47 24 Sep 18
Tim is the best! Great products to keep you strong and healthy. I've been a customer for over 4 years.
Gena Garza Stephens
18:16 26 Mar 18
I've struggled with IBS for years, but these products have delivered incredible relief! My wife and I used these products regularly, and it's been a great experience feeling healthier than we've ever felt before!The people working here and great and they really care about you. The owner have a very powerful story of healing, and he's truly devoted his life to helping educate everyone he can about the natural power of herbs. I highly recommend these products to all my friends, and I promise you that it's worth a try to feel your best!read more
Isaac Valadez
13:10 08 Feb 18
I love this place everyone is so nice and the stuff really works. They have a customer for life
LaToya Morgan
14:28 24 Dec 17