Men’s Health

Men’s health is one of the most pressing issues in this country today. Due to its severity, the population is dependent upon doctors to take care of it. In many cases, prostate problems are taken care of by castration. Unfortunately, doctors are not having any success. It is time that each man started to take care of his own health. Men in Europe take care of their prostate by prevention. They eat a handful of pumpkin seeds daily and rarely suffer, if at all, from this problem. The reason being, that zinc makes the prostate function properly, and Pumpkin seeds contain the greatest amount of zinc in the plant kingdom.

When Men experience severe depression, it is mostly caused from a lack of male hormones, all of which is found in the Male Hormone Combination. It has the same benefits as eating the pumpkin seed and it does so much more. It cleans, strengthens, and tones the entire male reproductive system. Remember, our ability to do a day’s work, our sense of well being, and our ability to be sexually active, comes from our prostate. As if that wasn’t enough, CSP’s Male Hormone Combination also can be used for work-outs, body-building, weight-lifting and more, without the negative side effects that a anabolic steroid would cause. Medicine imitated the herb’s  natural steroid effect when they made the counterfeit drug. Whether you are a male or female, Common Sense™ Herbal Male Hormone Combination has a much-added benefit.

“We get all our hormones from the plant and fruit kingdom just like all the animals. Hormones become offset through years of violating our body with processed foods and not eating our raw fruit and vegetables, as our creator intended.”

-Tim Morrow
Founder & Master Herbalist